Bittersweet Days


When you have your first baby, people will often give the advice “enjoy them while they are little”. You smile and nod, you have only heard it a thousand times. You snuggle that little baby, you hold their little hands and then suddenly they don’t want to snuggle anymore. Those little hands aren’t so little anymore. Before you know it they are headed off to school without a glance behind them.

I loved my kids baby days. My last one is almost 2 and we just moved him into a big boy bed. Time has flown by. It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that I was holding him for the first time and watching him sleep. I took those words forgranted. I now see how quickly time flies and I will always stop and make the time for that one more hug or one more bedtime story because having children is like a bend in time. One day they are little and then you blink and they aren’t so little anymore.

A Bend in Time


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