My Costume: Daily Post

I am a migraine sufferer. I deal with migraines multiple times a month. But…. I am a mom. People who suffer from migraines have it hard. It is not easy to function in daily life feeling like your head is literally about to explode and feeling nauseous and irritable, sluggish and unwell. Being a mom with migraines is even more excruciating. Every day that I wake up with a migraine I throw on my mom costume. I smile as I hand my children their breakfast. I put on my “it’s another day” face as I do school drop offs, say hi to parents, talk to the teacher. I come home to laundry, dishes and my ever so busy toddler. On work days I head into the classrooms of loud kids, flourescent lights and school bells. I make meals, do clean up and complete every bath and bedtime routine. And then crumble into my husbands arms at night. No one knows the pain I had to fight all day. No one but him. He sees through the costume and lets me rest.




3 thoughts on “My Costume: Daily Post”

  1. Lovely to have such an understanding partner! My brother suffered from bad migraines but doctor told him “eat good meals regularly, have sufficient sleep and no intoxicants” … when he did this he had none, when his routine slipped he had migraines again. Don’t know if this could help you … good luck


    1. Thank you! It is very nice to have someone who understands. Unfortunately my migraines are genetic and have to do with hormones. I have tried many things, been a sufferer since highschool. Something I have lived with for a very long time. Currently working with my doctors to find some sort of relief.

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      1. sorry to hear that, as a Mum I knew that establishing a healthy routine might be difficult and that you might be burning the candle at both ends with little ones. Pray you find a solution soon as I cannot imagine the pain you must be suffering.

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